Dallas Lacrosse, 335 Kings Rd, Double Oak, TX 75077

Primary Contact for Tournaments

Gary DeSerrano
Director of Lacrosse Operations
phone: 469-222-9506 c, 817-567-3654 o

Billing Inquiries

Kathy DeSerrano
Office Manager
phone: 469-222-9504 c, 817-567-3654 o


Dallas Lacrosse hosts some of the Southwest's largest lacrosse tournaments each fall. The Dallas Fall cLAXic is a collaborative event between Dallas Lacrosse and the DFWYLL. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the DFWYLL and their participating teams. Annually, the event garners 100 teams a year. In addition to this great event, we also host the Lone Star Shootout. Now in it's 9th year, the Lone Star Shootout has established itself as one of the premier select lacrosse tournaments in the Southwest. It is hosted every November, the weekend before Thanksgiving. Estimated attendance at our events is 6,000 each day.